The work team

Our team

We are more than twenty women workers who have at heart to give back the power over their lives to women. We are here to accompany you, support you and help you get out of a context of conjugal violence. To do so, we rely on a feminist approach that values the autonomy of women by believing in their potential, their freedom of choice and their ability to direct their lives. In addition, we promote the values of social justice, dignity, solidarity, self-determination, equality and equity, and security.


Very good listeners and I was immediately put at ease on the phone. No pressure. The workers are discreet and answer our questions.
Thank you very much for everything, I have loved my experience in the shelter and I loved being around women like me, who have had similar lives. I thought I was afraid and I did not have the courage to talk about it and leave the daughter's father. Merci
My kids loved it and I could tell they were feeling good
I achieved all my goals that I came for. And even more.
Very well received. There were not too many questions when I arrived and I was put at ease. I was well directed and my questions were answered.
With the support and help, my children are doing better, doing better and listening better.
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